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Safe and very potent concentrates

Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, allow the knowledgeable staff at Legal Marijuana Superstore to walk you through the world of marijuana concentrates.

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Large selection of concentrates

With over 50 types of concentrates in stock, 15 farms and over 50 strains with varying flavors, you may be unsure of the types you want to purchase. Luckily, our knowledgeable staff members are here to help you.


Call us at 360-443-2222 or stop by today and browse our store in a relaxed shopping environment.

Knowledgeable staff to guide you

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Various Flavors - CO2 Extracted

Total Cannabinoid 80.6%   0.5g

Various Flavors

Total Cannabinoid 53.5%   0.5g

Dream City - Water Extraction

Total Cannabinoid 80.3%   0.33g

Ratsa Stiix

Total Cannabinoid 46%   0.5g

Premium Disposable Cannabis Oil Vaporizer

Total Cannabinoid 62%   0.25g

NW Cannabis Solutions EZ Vape

Total Cannabinoid 46.1%   0.4g

Legal Marijuana Superstore Branded Pen



Total Cannabinoid 93%   1g


Total Cannabinoid 61.1%   0.5g


Total Cannabinoid %   1g


Total Cannabinoid %   0.5g


Total Cannabinoid 81.7%   1g

Bubble Hash

Total Cannabinoid 82.1%   1g

Various Flavors Various Flavors 2 Dream City NW cannabis filter Superstore Wax Wax1 waxx Wax2 bubble hash Shatter


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